Science committee members pressure Ohio Board on Intelligent Design Lesson Plan

The Columbus Dispatch reported on 2/8/2006 that Governor Taft was sent a letter signed by members of an advisory committee that had reviewed the school science standards in 2001. The letter asked the Governor to step in and force the Board to remove the controversial lesson plan adopted in 2004 that would allow the teaching of Intelligent Design.

Twenty-three members of 2001’s Science Content Standards Advisory Committee signed the letter condemning the 2002 standards and the 2004 lesson plan.

They said the 19-person state board, of which the governor appoints eight members, has ignored their concerns.

“Many of us warned then that in singling out this one scientific theory that has historically been opposed by certain religious sects, the board sent the message that it believes there is some problem peculiar to evolution.

“This message was unwarranted scientifically and pedagogically,” the 23 wrote.

The board added the provision to “critically analyze” evolution over objections from many on the advisory committee, a panel assembled by the Ohio Department of Education.

The lesson plan “embodies intelligent design creationism poorly concealed in scientific sounding jargon,” the 23 told Taft.

Evolution wording attacked (subscription req)
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State Board President Sue Westendorf said the OBE would likely discuss the issue at their next meeting on February 14th but again it is not on the agenda.


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