Secular scorecards for Congress released

The Secular Coalition for America (SCA) released their scorecards on the 109th Congress on September 7th.

It is interesting to note that 7 members of the House got a 100% rating while 18 Senators got a 100% from the SCA. It pretty much confirms my observation that the Senate are a bit more rational in their duties than the House. The other interesting point is that members of Congress who support the SCA positions on many of the issues cross party lines – unlike our religious right friends.

Of course the question becomes – what did the SCA use to rate the Congress. Let them tell you:

The House and Senate Scorecards of the 109th Congress cover votes taken from January 2005 until August 2006. The SCA used ten key votes in both the House and Senate to make the scorecards. Votes include: allowing organizations to discriminate based on religion while using federal funds for secular programs; promoting narrow religious beliefs over secular needs in science, marriage contracts, and the military; the confirmation of judicial appointees who seek to weaken the protections provided by the Establishment Clause; and stripping federal courts of their ability to decide constitutional issues.

U.S. Congressional Scorecards 109th Congress

Hopefully this information will allow secular voters know who supports their issues and who doesn’t. An informed voter is what is needed to support the democracy we say we all need.


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