Ken Blackwell: new BFF of Tony Perkins

Saw this bit on the website Crooks and Liars about Ohio’s favorite religious right demagogue J Kenneth Blackwell who has a new gig and word he may try to run for US Senate in 2010. It was from the Talk 2 Action blog.

Still under fire for dirty tricks in the 2004 presidential election, Blackwell, the Republican gubernatorial loser, is under the wing of Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council

Kenneth Blackwell, the former secretary of state of Ohio, took up ideological residence at the Family Research Council earlier this year. His repositioning was the result of having been trounced last November in that state’s gubernatorial contest at the hands of the Democratic Party’s Congressman Ted Strickland.

Over the years, Blackwell has carried enough water for the GOP to fill up a good part of Lake Erie. He’s done enough dirty work to pave the Interstate from Cleveland to Columbus. He is credited with being part of the team that helped double President George W. Bush’s vote count among Blacks in Ohio in 2004, and is charged, by critics, of having tampered with that vote. So despite his humiliating defeat, he remains a darling of both religious and economic conservatives.

Kenneth Blackwell: Pontificating from on high

It give a good run down of the crap he pulled in Ohio and who loves him now.


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