Ex-OSU librarian loses religious-discrimination lawsuit

Librarian who recommend an anti-gay book for a reading list was not forced out of his job for religious reasons according to a court.

Savage said he was forced to quit in June 2007 after continued personal and professional attacks on his character two years after he recommended that freshman read an anti-gay book.

OSU is “an aggressive proponent of the homosexual lifestyle by virtue of its practices and policies,” he said in the lawsuit. “OSU is therefore a naturally hostile environment to the expression of traditional Christian beliefs and morality.”

In his ruling, Bertelsman said that although his book recommendation had resulted in public criticism of his judgment and professionalism, the professors who made the comments had no power over Savage’s job.

The judge also said that Savage had the support of his immediate supervisor and the dean of the campus, who did have the power to hire and fire him.

“There is thus no objective evidence that Savage’s employer took any action intended to force him out of his job,” Bertelsman wrote.

Ex-OSU librarian loses religious-discrimination lawsuit

This was a classic theist argument. According to them having a dissenting view point and getting criticism for it creates a hostile work place. The court said no it doesn’t since the people with power to hire and fire supported the employee right to have a dissenting view point.


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