White House Petition Wrong Way To Deal With People You Don’t Like

image of a copy of the US Bill of Rights

On my Doug’s Views blog I write about how a White House petition to legally label the Westboro Baptist Church a hate group is the wrong way to deal with people you don’t like. Rights shouldn’t be put to a popular vote.

Just imagine if you, or what you believe in, was on the wrong side of one of these petitions. What if your neighbors could vote on what you can say, do, or who you could love??

That’s right, it happens now like when eleven states passed laws to ban gay marriage in 2004.

It sucked right? It was sooooo unfair right?

Then why try to do it to someone else no matter how much you despise them.

I believe in due process not a popular vote when it comes to restricting rights or shaming people or groups. If Westboro Baptist Church breaks the law then prosecute them or put them on an official hate group list but not because a large number of people want it. Do it based on their actions and current law.

Rights Shouldn’t Be Subject To A Popular Vote


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