Catholic Group Plans To Take Same-Sex Marriage Debate To School Districts

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An evangelical Catholic group asked central Ohio Catholics to change the argument against same-sex marriage to ‘a child-focused civil institution that unites children with their mothers and fathers.’ The group wants to move the debate into the schools. It reminds one of how religious conservatives fought against abortion and real sex education by forcing schools to adopt abstinence-only sex education curriculum. We know how that turned out.

With last month’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling paving the way for same-sex marriage in all states, the debate over that issue is over, William B. May, founder of Catholics for the Common Good, said in his Wednesday speech titled “Taking Back Marriage for Our Children and Families.”

“What about the children? How do we protect the children?” he said. “Our kids are already being influenced tremendously by the culture. In fact, this whole effort on the redefinition of marriage has caused a lot of division in families, conflict between parents and children, and we’re all dealing with that.”

May expects the next battleground to be at the school-board level. The coalition also seeks to shut down donor conception because, he said, it is done with the intention of depriving children of their mothers and fathers.

The movement is guided by “evaluating every law, every curriculum, every institution by how well it supports and encourages men and women to marry before having children, and how well it supports or helps young people develop the kinds of relationships that lead to marriages, and how well it supports people in their marriages,” he said.

May’s appearance was scheduled by the Columbus diocese months before the Supreme Court’s decision, Thimons said, and was not a response to same-sex marriage but rather to the redefining of marriage over the past five or six decades.

“There’s a lot of confusion about what marriage is,” Thimons said. “Marriage has been redefined as an adult-centered relationship … a committed relationship for the fulfillment of adults. For thousands of years, for millennium, that wasn’t the definition of marriage. Marriage was an institution uniting kids with their moms and dads.”

Catholics urged to focus on children in marriage debate

So the misnamed “Catholics for the Common Good” wants to force schools to teach that marriage is only about children and their moms and dads and they want to prohibit egg and sperm donations because it keeps children from the mothers and fathers????

Wow, this is scary.

They basically want to do for marriage equality what conservatives did for real sex education when they forced school districts to adopt an abstinence-only curriculum and we know how that turned out.

The research shows that children of LGBT couples are just as happy as children of heterosexual couples, if not more and the “think of the children” argument was constantly rejected during the different court hearings before the final US Supreme Court ruling in June. This group hates LGBT people so much they also want to hurt infertile couples just to keep gays from having biological children.

It looks like this “new” project will be debuted when the Pope visits the US in the fall and is something all seculars need to keep an eye out for in local school districts.


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