George Floyd, Pandemic Inequality, ending the bail system

Activist Julian Mack

In this episode, recorded before the murder of George Floyd, Doug talks to activist Julian Mack, spokesperson for Community Solidarity Response Network of Toledo, about how the pandemic actually ripped open and laid bare the existing inequality we have in this country. We talk about the reforms needed in the criminal justice system including the end of cash bail and depopulating of the jails due to COVID-19. Finally we discuss the best path to changing the problems we face.

Julian is also the co-host of the Together United podcast

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More Information about CSRN:

The Community Solidarity Response Network of Toledo was formed on November, 25, 2014, the day after it was announced that the killer (a Ferguson, Missouri police officer) of Michael Brown (an unarmed teenager) would NOT be indicted.

CSRN brings awareness to the injustices experienced by black men, women and children who are disproportionately murdered, attacked, provoked and harassed by law enforcement.

CSRN utilizes the tactics of Protest, Civil Disobedence, Event-Disruption, and Citizen Advocacy to give voice to those who are otherwise voiceless.

CSRN facilitates progressive community–based events that help to foster self-development, and we discuss measures to hold local leadership accountable to their sworn duties, be they politicians, clergy, law enforcement, educators, etc.

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