Tag: religious liberty

August 10, 2007

I wonder how someone like Rep. Bill Sali is competent to serve in Congress when he lacks a basic knowledge of the Constitution and US history. It would be like letting a stranger off the street practice medicine just because he owns a stethoscope.

May 26, 2007

Conservative Internet news site WorldNetDaily posted a story yesterday about some teachers in Albemarle School District in Virginia, who are refusing orders from the administration to pass out adverts for the children’s summer camp called Camp Quest. The camp is the first summer camp that caters to atheists, humanists, and freethinkers. This isn’t the first time the school district has been in trouble for their lack of equal access. A flyer for a Unitarian Universalist holiday program was not passed out. A lawsuit was filed and the school district lost.

April 24, 2007
February 15, 2006

In August the Pentagon issued guidelines meant to protect religious liberty by discouraging public prayers at routine events and warned superior officers that personal expressions of faith could be misunderstood as official statements.

Religious conservatives organized a response and pressured the Pentagon to revise the guidelines. The new version was issued last week.

Proselytizing is not exercising your religious beliefs. Going to church or prayer is practicing your religion. Proselytizing is being a pain in the ass by telling someone, whether they want to hear it or not, about why they should join your church or religion.