Watch an Evolution vs Intelligent Design forum on C-SPAN website

On October 21st, the American Enterprise Institute sponsored a forum on the issue of teaching Intelligent Design in the public schools. It started with a debate on the “science” of Intelligent Design (ID) with Prof. Paul Nelson of the Discovery Institute and Prof. Ken Miller of Brown University. Both men appeared as witnesses in the Dover ID case that is going on through early November.

The second part had a priest, Father George Coyne, gave the Vatican perspective on the issue of Evolution and ID and science. He had some harsh words for the ID crowd. He reaffirmed Pope John Paul II’s statement that Evolution and faith are compatible.

The final part was a keynote speech by Dr. Lawrence Kraus from Case Western Reserve University who has been active in defending the school science programs from ID.

Miller and Kraus debated the Discovery Institute at a forum in 2002 in front of the Ohio State Board of Education when the issue or allowing ID into the schools came up.

Forgive me if I miss spelled the names as I don’t have a transcript to refer to.

C-Span has Real Media videos of all three sessions available to view online at least through the first or second week of November. I haven’t watched them all yet as they total about 5 hours of video but I have heard it was a good event for supporters of Evolution.

Check it out – the link goes to a search results page that lists all three parts of the event:

AEI forum on Evolution and ID and the public schools on C-SPAN3 10/21/05


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