Make a Guest Suggestion

Use this form to make your pitch to be a guest on Secular Left or to suggest someone you think would make a great guest. Before filling out the form, here are some things to consider:

  • Will the guest fit the tone and vision of Secular Left? Secular Left has a secular progressive view point that supports separation of church and state and social justice. Secular Left will not give a free platform to anyone who opposes that view point. Expect to be challenged on your views. Be prepared to defend your views in a frank and honest way. The focus of the show is to express our view point and not a debate. We also can’t stand political pundits that argue and say wild things just to be controversial.
  • Will the proposed guest and their topic be of interest to the listeners of the show? While this can be subjective, you are more likely to be invited on the show if you want to talk about politics or secular values and not talking about why you love reality TV. If you aren’t sure, check out an episode or two to hear what we talk about.
  • You must provide real contact information. We vet guests before inviting them. The more information we have the better chance you will be invited. We will need to contact you to set up a recording or to obtain more information. If you give us fake information, your request will go in the trash.
  • We need contact information of the person you suggest should be a guest. The same reasons noted previously apply to suggestions you make for guests.
  • This is Secular Left, not your free advertising vehicle. While we want to support secular people in our community, we won’t interview you just so you can sell some widget or a webniar on some latest get rich quick scheme. If you want to promote an event online or in-person that offers non-profit support of secular people and our issues then that is okay. If you aren’t sure if your thing is appropriate feel free to ask.
  • We ask guests help promote the episode to their social media and other promotion channels. The reason we have guests in the first place is for the mutual benifit of our show and the guest.
  • Guests do not have a right to prior approval of an episode or questions. You can ask that we avoid certain topics and you can choose not to answer a question, but you won’t be given the exact questions ahead of time. Once the episode is recorded, you don’t have the right to prior approval of the finished episode. For those who ask, we can provide a copy of the full unedited interview to show we don’t try to make people look bad through funky editing. If for some reason you feel you weren’t your best at the time of recording, maybe your were under the weather, we can talk about either trashing the interview or recording it again. We will listen to edit suggestions but the producer has the final say.
  • Secular Left reserves all rights to uninvite you for an interview at anytime and for any reason or no reason at all. All decisions are made by the producer. You have no right to be interviewed and if we uninvite you, we are NOT censoring you since there are other platforms you can use and this is a private forum. This also applies to recorded interviews. We reserve the right not to publish your interview for any reason or no reason at all.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash