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Images describing each segment of the episode Local Church And State Implications: Busing, Vouchers, And Politics (3/27/2024) - We update a local school busing dispute, look at the data about Ohio's school voucher expansion, then we talk about the 2024 Ohio Primary election results that was good for the racists
Examples of Merrin's racist rhetoric Racism: A Deplorable MAGA Feature (3/16/2024) - The 2024 primary election season is reaching a crescendo here in Ohio, 3 rich republican white guys running for Congress can't stop using racist rhetoric in their campaign advertisements. We also look at one ad that claims, falsely, that one of the rich white guy is a liberal to prove once again lying in campaigns…
Republican Irony Unpacked: Diversity Battles and Reproductive Rights (2/27/2024) - Do political and religious conservatives really understand DEI? Will J.R. Majewski drop out of the race because he used a slur. And how ironic that some republicans like Nikki Haley are using prochoice arguments to support IVF.

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