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Mutual Respect: Merkel and Obama with Claudia Clark (5/23/2022) - We talk to Claudia Clark about her book "Dear Barack" that explains the unique partnership of President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Claudia also gives the European viewpoint of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and finally we discuss her time as a community organizer with the group ACORN.
Reaching out to Secular Students with Kevin Bolling (5/9/2022) - In this episode we talk to Kevin Bolling, executive director of the Secular Student Alliance, about their effort to reach out to 1.4 million students
Seeing Through the Election Year Theater (Lies and Damn Lies) (4/25/2022) - The stench of Trump has been absorbed into the corpuscles of the Republican party so that now it isn't about policies but what fake outrage you support or are against. The electorate suffers. We take a look at some examples of this theater called a primary season here in Ohio.

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