Paula Zahn Now program update

CNN’s extended speculation into the death of former Playmate Anna Nicole Smith bumped the expected interview with Richard Dawkins on Thursday’s edition of Paula Zahn Now.

Blogging sources say now that the interview is to be seen on Monday 2/12 (Darwin Day)

Mr. Dawkins also wrote on his website of another change to the program that was known Thursday morning:

I just learned that CNN’s plan for this evening has changed. My 20 minute interview will be edited down to about 4 minutes, and it will be followed by a panel discussion involving Christopher Hitchens (representing atheists) and two religious spokesmen.

Richard Dawkins

For the latest check out his site or visit the Pharyngula blog:

The ever-shifting plans of CNN

Of course I should note that if the program does come off as Dawkins writes then CNN still has not found a single atheist in the US – it had to import one or in this case two from the UK.


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