Sorry, science facts can’t be changed just because you don’t like them

The other day a friend of mine posted a link on his Facebook page to some article about FOX News host and resident loon Glenn Beck proving once again how much he lies and uses violent words to his crowd. Another “friend” then commented about how the article was unfair to Beck and then made the claim that the creationism vs Evolution “debate” was also open to personal points of view and agendas. I couldn’t let that crap go unchallenged.

Here is a quote of what the person wrote that set me off:

As for creation/evolution, that is for each individual to decide for themselves and I don’t care a flying r’s a what they think. I’m just glad I don’t have kids. They would be home-schooled just like most of my friends kids are.

Well creation or Evolution isn’t “for each individual to decide for themselves”.

Questions about science isn’t something open for he said/she said debates. Science when done correctly is based on factual evidence. It is either true or not irrelevant of what the person viewing the conclusion feels. We can’t like or dislike gravity – it just is. Same with Evolution – it has been proven by facts since 1859 so it just is whether one likes it or not.

Once people get over it then we can move on and fulfill our rightful place as a leader in science and technology.


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