White Evangelicals Gave Us Trump Because They Are Afraid Of Equality

Christians hate you

A recent post-election poll showed that white evangelical Christians are way outside the views of a majority of Americans on a lot of issues. For people interested in keeping the church and state separate, it really isn’t a surprise. How far white evangelicals are outside the majority points to one tough obstacle seculars face – white evangelicals confuse the loss of cultural dominance with oppression. Demanding a level playing field doesn’t take away from people who already have the privilege of sitting at the table.

The PRRI survey shows that many white people, especially white conservatives, are confusing the loss of cultural dominance with oppression. While nearly every other group of Americans believes that Muslims face more discrimination than Christians in the United States, white evangelicals hold the reverse to be true.

“It’s important to remember that rights and morality aren’t really the same thing,” Cox said, by way of explaining how so many Americans can simultaneously embrace legalized marriage for same-sex couples and contraception coverage, while also rejecting a behavior — premarital sex — that nearly everyone participates in at some point. 

Americans are growing more secular all the time — which is one reason why Trump voters are so angry

The article makes the argument that white evangelicals were the main reason Donald Trump won but I think it was one of the pieces along with election shenanigans (gerrymandering and voter suppression), poor campaigning from the Democrats and principled progressives sitting at home because Bernie wasn’t the nominee.

I do agree with the general gist of the take on white evangelicals. It goes to my mantra “Allowing others at the table doesn’t hurt you. It can only bring equality, compassion, and understanding.” If white evangelicals can’t or won’t let others sit at the table then they can be left behind but it will be their own doing not because of other people who aren’t white and/or evangelicals.


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