Life Is Rough for Many Migrant Workers: Here’s How You Can Help Change That

Chances are there are many migrant workers and families in your community who are struggling to obtain the quality of life they’re working so hard for. So many of the resources many of us are able to take advantage of are not so easily accessed by those who have moved here from another country. Along with staying informed via reliable news sources and podcasts like Secular Left, here are three ways you can help change the tide for migrant workers in the United States and your community:

1. Know the Challenges

Researching the most common struggles faced by migrant workers will help you to determine how you can lend a hand.

  • Many migrant workers face various legal challenges, such as the threat of deportation and long visa and citizenship processes.
  • The fear of deportation causes many migrant workers to avoid pursuing healthcare and other essential services, which can lead to poor quality of life.
  • Though they often perform the hardest physical jobs, such as farming and domestic jobs, the pay for migrant workers is notoriously low.
  • Language barriers can present significant problems for migrant workers and their children.

2. Address the Challenges

As you grow your knowledge about the migrant worker’s plight, seek out ways to help.

  • Find immigration lawyers, translators and other freelance services who can help migrant workers in your community.
  • Direct migrant workers to healthcare facilities where they can receive medical care without risking deportation, such as local clinics and hospital emergency rooms.
  • Advocate for higher wages for migrant farmers, who play a vital role in the U.S. food supply.
  • Help migrant workers and their children get connected with qualified translators and ESL teachers.

3. Learn About Local Resources

One of the most practical ways you can help improve the lives of migrant workers is to get to know valuable resources in your neighborhood and city.

  • Search for local agencies that provide legal aid to immigrants for visa applications, deportation proceedings, work authorizations, and other processes.
  • Find and donate to local organizations that support low-income families by providing food, shelter, clothing, and other essentials.
  • Volunteer your time and energy to help migrant workers and their families directly.

Millions of migrant workers and their families are met with significant challenges on a daily basis, and their dreams of a high quality of life are much more difficult to obtain than those of us who were born and raised in the U.S. You can do something about it. Keep learning about the plight of these migrant workers, take action, and become familiar with the resources in your locality.


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