Protecting Rapists Seems To Be Ohio AG Yost’s Thing

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False rape case rejected (Editor’s note: The Sandusky Register did the bulk of the reporting on this case and if you Google search the case you can find the same articles on other news sites that share stories – part of Ogden Newspapers. Read it on the Register website, if you can, to support their fine work on this issue)
Former Put-in-Bay police officer acquitted of making false rape charge
Prosecutor Gets Rape Complaint
Police Chief, Self-Proclaimed “God of Put-in-Bay,” Accused of Covering Up Police Rapes
Put-in-Bay police chief on leave, 2 officers resign after controversial arrests
Republican David Yost Grandstands And Uses Food Stamps To Raise Campaign Money

Anti-mask parents not constitutionally allowed to change school rules, says federal judge
The Dangerous Legal Illusion of ‘Parental Rights’

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Doug Berger 0:00
In this episode, we wonder why, at the request of no one, Ohio Attorney General David Yost inserted the state into a local case and tried to prosecute a rape victim instead of the rapist. And a federal judge tells parents they don’t have a constitutional right to avoid school mask mandates. I’m Doug Berger. And this is Secular Left.

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