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November 1, 2005 / Anti-science

I offer two short items I came across on the Internet yesterday. One is a positive item and the other is an example of the issue facing this country. Posted on the Charlotte Observer website on 10/31 in the op/ed section was a book review and commentary on “The Godless Constitution” by Isaac Kramnick and R. Laurence Moore and a letter to the editor of The Clarion-Ledger in Mississippi, on 10/31, takes “Secularists” to task for mixing microevolution and macroevolution.

October 2, 2005 / Anti-science
September 16, 2005 / Courts

It is not the government’s job to acknowledge religion of any kind and no one I know would support such a position. The only people who do are religious conservatives. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be fighting tooth and nail to keep the words “under God” in the pledge.

August 7, 2005 / Media

I enjoy watching or reading a believer when they “get it” about religion and its place in society. They understand the importance of reason and logic in explaining our world. It doesn’t force them to change their religious beliefs but helps to balance that belief with the real world.