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August 1, 2006

I received an e-mail from Robert Meyer, who writes editorials on the RenewAmerica website. I have responded to a couple of his previous articles. One was concerning elected officials praying for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the other was his article about the “war on Christmas”. Earlier on Monday, I got a Google alert on “secular left” and found an article by Meyer, offering his views on this blog and my POV.

I think it is appropriate to give a review on his review

July 23, 2006
April 3, 2006

If you are reading this entry on the blog itself you may notice some changes in the look. When I started this blog last May I basically took the templates and css right out of the zip file, added some basic stuff to personalize the site, and *poof* Secular Left was born. Over the year on the air I have been teaching myself how to customize the blog to get it to the way I want it to look, provide the functions a reader would need, and yet not have to do it all from scratch every time or for every page.

March 4, 2006
December 31, 2005

In this last post of 2005, I wanted to review the struggles those of us who want to get the government out of the religion cheerleading business.

October 27, 2005

In the discussion that followed the film and continued on our member’s e-mail list, it was suggested that Flemming and many non-believers go too far in “attacking” people with religious beliefs. It was said that we need to acknowledge that religion plays an important role in most believers lives and by “attacking” their beliefs we have crossed the line of decency.

As expected the charge was made that we non-believers who “attack” religious beliefs are hostile to religion and the religious and how this hostility undermines our credibility as a group to better the human condition. The assumption is made that we must not question people’s deeply held beliefs lest we hurt their feelings.