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CNN has panel on Atheism without Atheists

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On January 31, on the Paula Zahn show on CNN, the topic was about discrimination and bias. It started out talking about the strange racial comments Senator Joe Biden made about Senator Obama, then they discussed the lack of black head coaches in the NFL. (the show was before the Super Bowl) The last segment was about atheists and how they are the most hated minority in the US. (see also the Secular Left post: Now there is data showing most people hate Atheists)

The problem was that the panel had no atheists on it and some of the comments directed toward atheists were so factually wrong and vile that it proved the point that atheists are the most hated minority in the US.

The members of the panel included Stephen A. Smith, Host, “Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith” (a sports reporter), Karen Hunter, Journalism Professor, Hunter College, and conservative columnist Debbie Schlussel.

Here is a taste:

ZAHN: And welcome back. We’re talking about whether there’s widespread discrimination against atheists, folks who don’t believe in God. Let’s check out with our out in the open panel now. Stephen Smith, Debbie Schlussel and Karen Hunter. Hey Debbie, it took me 10 times to say your name right. (INAUDIBLE) So do you think atheists should keep their religious beliefs secret? What’s their beliefs period?

HUNTER: What does an atheist believe? Nothing. I think this is such a ridiculous story. Are we not going to take “In God We Trust” off of our dollars? Are we going to not say “one nation under God?” When does it end? We took prayer out of schools. What more do they want?

ZAHN: Are any of you going to defend them here tonight?

SCHLUSSEL: No, I agree with her 100 percent. I think that the real discrimination is atheists against Americans who are religious. Listen, we are a Christian nation. I’m not a Christian. I’m Jewish, but I recognize we’re a Christian country and freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion. And the problem is that, you have these atheists selectively I believe attacking Christianity. You had a case in California where school children were forced to dress as Muslims and learn from the Koran. In Michigan they’re saying high school (INAUDIBLE) in high school where they say Muslim prayers at the football games, public high school, (INAUDIBLE) in high school. You don’t see atheists complaining about that. I really believe that they are the ones who are the intolerant ones against Christians.

and later

HUNTER: They don’t have a good – marketing. If they had hallmark cards, maybe they wouldn’t feel so left out. We have Christmas cards. We have Kwanza cards now. Maybe they need to get some atheist cards and get that whole ball rolling so more people can get involved with what they’re doing. I think they need to shut up and let people do what they do. No, I think they need to shut up about it.

SCHLUSSEL: And what about this obnoxious Michael Newdow, who went all the way to the Supreme Court for his child, the child doesn’t know what’s going on, to try and get under God taken out of the pledge of allegiance. They are on the attack. It’s obnoxious and they do need to shut up.

PAULA ZAHN NOW: Senator Joe Biden Under Fire Over Controversial Remarks; Has NFL Moved Beyond Racist Past? Aired January 31, 2007 – 20:00 ET

To see the video, Richard Dawkins – a real atheist – has the links on his site.

Karen Hunter and Debbie Schlussel’s comments were just plain factually wrong. Schlussel has an article on her website where she claims atheists are the next terrorists. It was like having members of the KKK complaining about civil rights. It was simply disgusting.

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**Side Note** I do want to extend my thanks to Mr. Smith for at least attempting to defend atheists against that evil horde on the show. I tip my hat to you sir.