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President Obama Wins A Landslide From The Religiously Unaffiliated

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created image of a Secular Vote logoPresident Obama carried Religiously Unaffiliated voters 70% to Mitt Romney’s 26% according to a report from The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life exit poll data of the 2012 election. Although the President’s percentage was lower than in 2008, it still continued a trend of the nones supporting the Democratic candidates. The exit poll numbers were larger than a similar election poll in September when the President held a 65 to 27 lead on Romney.
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Case Study in Christian Privilege: Mitt Romney

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The 1st amendment won’t allow me to id this guy

Both Mitt Romney and President Obama gave lengthy interviews to the National Cathedral’s magazine, “Cathedral Age”. I believe that we live in a secular republic where the government ought to be religiously neutral. There is no religious test to hold office but this interview did gives us a case study in Christian privilege that some like Mitt Romney believe they deserve. While he tore into the wall between church and state, in another interview he tried to use his religion as an excuse not to reveal his tax returns.
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Dangerous Right Wing Republican Stupidity At The Value Voters Summit

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Values Voter logo with fine printThis weekend was the annual meeting of the religious right wing of the Republican party at the so-called Value Voters Summit. The name of the event is similar to other ironic names associated with cheap-labor conservatives like “Defense of Marriage Act” and “Clear Skies Act of 2003“. Being it’s election season, the current crop of GOP candidates show up to kiss the ring of the Family Research Council and they say some really stupid crap.
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Okay so NOW bringing religion into politics is wrong?

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Last week Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave a speech to try and calm the evangelical Christian base of the party over his religious beliefs. Romney is a Mormon. To many evangelicals, that is the same as being a Pagan or worse – an atheist even though in actuality, Mormonism is a sect of Christianity.

Romney has pandered to the evangelicals on other occasions, like his flip flop on abortion, and with evangelical poster boy Mike Huckabee nipping at his heels, the speech was seen in similar light as one given by John F Kennedy during him campaign in 1960.

Of course Romney’s speech really wasn’t anything like Kennedy’s absolute separation of church and state speech.

My favorite reaction to the speech was a quote by Ralph Reed, former head of the Christian Coalition, and now considered a GOP strategist (whatever that means):

“We have been conducting doctrinal frisks and theological GI-tract exams of our candidates and we have to remember that these candidates are not running for president of the seminary and they’re not running for pastor in chief. They’re running to be commander in chief at a time of global war on terrorism.”

Ralph Reed: Religion questions are getting invasive

The quote got the following comment when it was mentioned on the Yeas and Nays blog:

C-dog: There’s more to the job than being Commander-in-Chief Ralph! And since you started the whole “holier-than-thou” Religious Right movement: behold what you have bred…

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