Atheists are every where….

Did you know that Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is an Atheist?

So is Tour de France 7 time winner Lance Armstrong.

How did I find that out?

I visited The Celebrity Atheist List. It is a website listing hundreds of celebrity atheists, agnostics, and other non-theistic believers.

You can search and browse by category or by do a search on a name.

Diane Keaton, John Malkovich, Jim Bohanan, and author Gore Vidal are on the list.

What is good about this list is that it requires sources before a name is added.

The Celebrity Atheist List

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  1. sbj1964
    April 10, 2011

    Yes we Atheist are every where ! We are firemen,Doctors,Police,Politicians,Presidents,Rock stars,Movie Stars,Lawyers,and the guy or gal next door ! We live among the wicked,and are not afraid ;Fore we are the gray,we stand between the Darkness ,and the light. We cast a shadow upon the face of the earth existing between the two.Adrift on a speck of sand circling a point of light one of many.We Atheist hold that no God of the imagination of man is worthy of sacrificing Truth !Christians your God is just 1 of over 30,000 other gods ,and he is a monster!

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