Intelligent Design people are back with a brand new bag

After the Dover, PA smack down when on December 20, 2005, Judge John E. Jones III, in The United States District Court For The Middle District Of Pennsylvania, ruled that the Dover District School Board violated the US Constitution when they changed the 9th grade Biology curriculum to include Intelligent Design (ID), people wondered what the ID people would come back with to try and sneak in their religious clap trap inside the schools.

Now we know.

The creationists plan to call their new version of creationism/ID – “evolution”.

Michael Behe – the star witness in the Dover trial – has a new book out called “The Edge of Evolution”. The guy is so hard up to get press for the book that he agreed to appear on the Colbert Report – a comedy show. Colbert did a decent job making Behe look foolish – but of course that isn’t a problem. He actually admited that his “ideas” on evolution are religious in nature.

Check these two links on the issue:

Behe on The Colbert Report

Chu-Carroll on Behe’s The Edge of Evolution


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