Some Christians are so sweet and inclusive

A recent Best Buy holiday ad that included a nod to the Muslim holiday Eid Al-Adha brought out some comments from the sweet and inclusive Christian community.

Instead of being praised for its inclusiveness, Best Buy is being attacked by some customers who have made their views known on the company’s message board. Some consumers are particularly irked because the home electronics retailer recently announced that it will no longer put “Merry Christmas” in its flyers.

But there seems to be a small and vocal group of Best Buy customers who don’t appreciate the flyer. Some of the colorful customer responses on Best Buy’s message board include (please note that these may not accurately reflect the nature of the holiday Eid Al-Adha):

“Makes sense. Stop saying Christmas because you don’t want to be associated with Jesus, and instead associate yourself with goat sacrifice. Truly noble. I think ill go to Best Buy with a dead goat.”

Or this response:

“Eid is not about “giving to the poor”, etc. It is about sacrifice. I live in a Muslim country and the streets literally run with blood during this holiday. That is not an exaggeration. Yes, they give some of the meat to the poor…but it is all about sacrifice.”

Best Buy Ad’s Mention Of Muslim Holiday Irks Some Customers

Gosh they are so inclusive and sweet – bigots. It amazes me that some Christians are so wimpy about their beliefs that they have to attack any other belief system that isn’t theirs.


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  1. Melissa
    November 26, 2009

    Thanks for the informative post. I was just reading those outrageous comments on Best Buy’s message board. It’s that loving christian spirit we’ve grown so accustomed to. sarcasm

    I’ve found that in general, when christians aren’t being favored or endorsed, they honestly believe they’re being persecuted.

    Good for you Best Buy!

  2. Neil C Reinhardt
    December 8, 2009


    Most Christians act like anytime you tell the truth about what is in the Bible and/or anything else it is an attack. Which is as stupid as getting mad at a newscaster for reporting your favorite team lost.

    Of course, Obots do the same. Tell the truth about Oduma and they call you a Racist or say something else just as stupid.

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