Teacher who pushed religion still having job hearing

The case of John Freshwater, the Mount Vernon Ohio teacher who tried to teach his religious beliefs in his 8th grade class room is still going on more than a year since the news broke. They are currently finishing up direct witness testimony for an employment hearing that has lasted 14 months and cost has cost the school district more than $500,000 in legal fees.

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And here is a news video report of the case:

Ohio Teacher to be fired for pushing religion on students

In the latest news, Mr. Freshwater claims not to remember discussing Lego experiment he talked about at length on a Christian radio show just this past April and his lawyer is also claiming some of the notes and handouts being used against his client may be forged.

See Freshwater says he can’t remember Lego experiment in the Columbus Disptach.

Hopefully this will be over soon.


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