Court To Hear Arguments On Campus Christian Group

There is a current conflict between religious college campus groups who discriminate and the non-discrimination policies many colleges have. The US Supreme Court is planning on visiting the issue. It seems clear to me.

Having attended college and experienced first hand the rules groups have to abide by for recognition and funding, it doesn’t seem like a big deal for Christian groups to let people who don’t follow their strict moral rules to attend and lead the group. We’re not talking about a Church.

I just think the group in question, and most strict campus religious groups are paranoid about having their groups taken over – which rarely if ever happens.

The California university said it requires all registered student organizations to be nondiscriminatory if they want to operate on campus, regardless of viewpoint.

Groups that support gay rights “cannot exclude students who believe homosexuality is morally wrong any more than CLS is permitted to exclude students who believe it is not,” university lawyer Gregory Garre said in court papers.

Court To Hear Arguments On Campus Christian Group


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