Secular lobby opposes Kagan for court

Secular Coalition for America released a statement today opposing the nomination of Elena Kagan to the US Supreme Court. It says her previous legal views give concern that she may not strongly defend church state separation as the Justice she is suppose to replace. Their reasons are sound.

President Obama’s choice to replace him, Solicitor General Elena Kagan, does not appear to embrace the fundamental American principle of church-state separation with the vigor and force of Justice John Paul Stevens. This conclusion is based on the evidence that has come to light since her nomination to the United States Supreme Court.

Indeed, in at least one instance, Ms. Kagan appears to directly rebuff the church-state jurisprudence of Justice Stevens.

Thus, Secular Coalition for America opposes Ms. Kagan’s nomination until she makes her support for church-state separation much more clear and emphatic. Five instances raise grave concern that Ms. Kagan does not share the judicial philosophy of Justice Stevens:

Secular Coalition for America Opposes Elena Kagan for Supreme Court

These points the Secular Coalition make concern me as well. I don’t believe, in these days of extreme politics, she will clarify her stance on church and state to the satisfaction of seculars. Today a court nominee has to be passed off as moderate – middle of the road – and I don’t think she will risk taking our side on these issues during her confirmation.


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