Creationist teacher Freshwater’s appeal moves to Federal Court

John Freshwater, a Mount Vernon Ohio teacher who was fired for proselytizing in his 8th grade science class has appealed his termination and it was announced today his appeal will be moving to Federal Court.

The board filed notice with U.S. District Court in Columbus on Tuesday to move the case to the federal court system because Freshwater’s appeal involves an allegation that his constitutional right to express a religious opinion was violated.

Freshwater was accused of preaching Christian beliefs in class and of using a scientific device to mark students’ arms with a cross. The hearing officer said there was a plausible explanation for that but didn’t explain further.

Fired Mount Vernon teacher’s appeal moved to federal court

Of course he should have been fired for burning things in a student’s arm. Now he can cry to a federal judge that his rights were violated because he was proselytizing in his public school class room.

This saga just doesn’t seem like it will end.


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  1. March 5, 2011

    Hi Doug,

    I am sending the following “Letter to the Editor” of the Mount Vernon News.


    Along with most other religious people, it seems John Freshwater does not realize the odds are exceptionally high the only reason he believes in the Christian religion and God is because of who raised him. Nor does he realize had he been raised by Jewish parents, he would be a Jew.

    I doubt Freshwater understands had he been raised by parents who were Moslem, he would be a Moslem. And he may be one of those who are willing to fly aircraft in to buildings.

    Nor do I think he has a clue had he been by raised by Hindus, he would not be a Christian Fundamentalist who believes in the single god of the Jews, Christians and Moslems, he would be Hindu and believe in their many gods.

    Sadly those like Mr. Freshwater are so programmed by their religious beliefs, they fail to realize there is no more proof their single god is real than the Hindus have their many gods are real. (Which is none!)

    They have no proof what so ever and yet

    Mr. Freshwater is so positive his beliefs are the only true ones, he is willing to torture others by burning crosses in their arms. Which means he is the same type who would kill those like me and Walt Disney who believe in no gods.

    When you see those like Mr. Freshwater, it is no wonder that, in the last twenty or so years, many millions of more have become Atheists. These former Christians have realized the only reason they were religious in the first place is because they were programmed to be Christians long before they had any ideas about logic, the world, science and life.

    Long before they had any ability to detect

    they were not only being taught to believe in things for which there is no proof, they also break the laws of nature, physics and of common sense. Thus, we have those who are so convinced they are right and others wrong, they blow themselves and others up, bomb the Olympics and kill health care workers.

  2. sbj1964
    March 5, 2011

    They are just so stupid ! Why can't they see what we see? What neurological sickness makes people so willing to believe in a god?

  3. sbj1964
    March 8, 2011

    Cadfile! Just left Mojoeys ( Deep Thoughts) ProfMTH just put out a new YouTube video it was Awsome! You shoud check it out!

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