Anti-Abortion Supporters Use Ohio State Senators, Children, And Teddy Bears As Props

Senator Cliff Hite R-Findlay as a prop
“Every time there is an abortion a Teddy Bear dies…”

You have to give supporters of the so-called Ohio “Heartbeat” bill credit, they sure know how to promote their bill with the subtlety of PT Barnum. Tuesday afternoon I watched another circus filmed at the Ohio State House. In a room full of children, Ohio state Senators were given toy Teddy Bears that made a heartbeat sounds when squeezed. The tacky photo-op still doesn’t hide the glaring wrongness of the newest attempt to force women not to have abortions. HB 125 is hands down the worst of the worst. Using children as props show how classy the bill supporters really are.

Ohio House Bill 125 would prohibit an abortion if a fetal heartbeat is detected. This usually happens as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. Sometimes women don’t even know they are pregnant that early. The proposed law doesn’t make any exceptions for rape, incest. or the mental health of the mother.

Below is a video clip from my local news showing the sick photo-op:

Ohio Senator Cliff Hite (R-Findlay) is the guy at the podium. Hite, a former Teacher was appointed to his Senate seat when he agreed to vote for the anti-union Senate Bill 5 that was overturned by voters this past November. Notice all the non-voting children in the video? I wonder if they all understand what the bill is really about?

It is also standard Republican operation to force women to have babies but refuse to help support the children that are born such as cutting funding to public schools.


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