Christian Group Doesn’t Want You To Vote

image of Ohio Christian Alliance President Chris Long
Ohio Christian Alliance President Chris Long – a failed political candidate who wants to keep you from voting because – RELIGION!!

It is well known that some fundamentalist Christians, like their Muslim counterparts, The Taliban, don’t want democracy. They want to impose biblical law as the law of the land and be able to opt out of any laws that ‘conflict’ with their religious beliefs. The Ohio Christian Alliance is one such group. They want to see photo IDs be mandated for voting in Ohio while making it harder in general to vote. It seems their agenda is really typical undemocratic conservatism covered with fake religious trappings.

Forcing voters to show a government-issued photo ID at the polls is the only way to protect Ohio from fraud, according to the Ohio Christian Alliance. If the legislature won’t make the change, the alliance said, it will take the decision to the people.

The alliance launched an effort yesterday to change Ohio voting laws and urged the Ohio legislature to pass a photo ID requirement. If the legislature fails to enact a voter ID law, the alliance plans to move forward with getting an initiative on the ballot in 2015.

Earlier this year, the Ohio legislature agreed to cut early-voting days to 29 days before an election from 35. However, alliance President Chris Long said more needs to be done to protect voting legitimacy.

“Voter fraud is on the increase in Ohio, no one denies that. The problem is, what do we do about it?” said Long, who called a photo-ID bill “very common sense legislation that will go a long way in reinstalling confidence in the Ohio voter.”

Christian Alliance pushing photo-ID mandate for voters

Setting aside the fact that OCA President Chris Long is LYING about voter fraud in Ohio, should a religious lobby group be supporting restricting voting rights in the state. What part of the Bible says that there should be as many obstacles to vote as possible short of outlawing it altogether?

By the way, The Ohio Christian Alliance use to be named the Christian Coalition of Ohio that was part of the Christian Coalition of America founded my TV preacher Pat Robertson. And like Robertson, Chris Long is a failed candidate for public office. He states on his bio page he “served as an advisor to the Stow Citizens Committee that fought a challenge by the ACLU which threatened the City of Stow with a lawsuit which stated that the city seal which contained a Christian cross and open Bible was unconstitutional” but fails to state the city was sued, lost, and had to change the seal.

Restricting voting rights isn’t even mentioned in the group’s mission statement:

Ohio Christian Alliance Mission:

To inform Christians about timely issues and pending legislation
To speak for truth and morality in the public arena
To educate voters through voter guides, score cards, and candidate forums
To train Christian leaders for effective social and political action
To defend the legal rights of Christians against an ever-growing anti-Christian bias

About Our Organization

Basically we have a conservative lobby group pandering to the religious right and using religion as cover to impose their undemocratic agenda on the rest of us.

It would be like an “environmental” group supporting fracking.. oh wait that has happened.

A tag used on the OCA website states: “Advocating for Life, Faith and Freedom in the Public Square” – except if you want to vote.

There is no systematic voter fraud in Ohio and we don’t need more restrictions on voting. Maybe the OCA should stick to actual religious topics to lobby on.


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