Governor of Texas, A Radical Christian, Violates The 1st Amendment

image of FFRF Display that scared Texas Gov. Abbott
FFRF Display that scared Gov. Abbott

It didn’t take long for Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a radical Christian, to subjectively decide what is covered under the 1st amendment and what isn’t. He had a display from the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) removed from the capitol building after arbitrarily deciding it didn’t meet the criteria for putting up displays in the building.

The display was a cardboard cutout of the nation’s founding fathers and the Statue of Liberty looking down at the Bill of Rights in a manger. It had been set up in the Capitol’s basement, hardly a high-traffic area, and didn’t generate much of a public response.

But after finding out about it, Abbott called it a “juvenile parody” in a letter asking the State Preservation Board to remove the exhibit.

The display was originally permitted because it was sponsored by state Rep. Donna Howard, D-Austin. Howard said she found out about its removal Tuesday afternoon.

“I was told by someone that the governor had ordered it be removed,” she said.

The decision, she said, is disappointing, especially since many state leaders have raised concerns about freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

“It is unfortunate that these things are used for political purposes of trying to create discord when this should be an example of how we can all live together,” she said.

Abbott Nixes Capitol Freedom From Religion Tableau

The FFRF had this to say:

FFRF received a permit for the display, which was placed in the ground floor rotunda on December 18. FFRF placed the display on behalf of its nearly 1,000 members in Texas. The Bill of Rights “nativity” and accompanying sign were removed yesterday. FFRF duly met the requirement of having an educational purpose (unlike the nativity scene) and a legislative sponsor, State Rep. Donna Howard. Howard has already condemned the governor’s action.

Abbott complains that FFRF’s Bill of Rights display is “tasteless sarcasm” and that FFRF mocks “our Nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage.” Ironically, Abbott cited a fake George Washington quote, while claiming the FFRF display “promotes ignorance and falsehood.”

Texas governor orders FFRF Bill of Rights Display removed from Capitol

If you want to see a radical Christian try to grasp at any reason to justify their illegal action then feel free to read the Governor’s full letter.


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