Police Are Out of Control Again In Trump Land

In this episode Doug looks at another unjustified police shooting of a person of color in Kenosha Wisconsin and tries to figure out why a 17 year old with a police fetish murdered two protesters. Then he wonders why Speaker Nancy Pelosi lied when she claimed the national party would support incumbent Democrats this election year. Finally, he visits with the Secular Democrats of America at their first online meeting during the Democratic National Convention.

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Online Links

CN: Police Shootings
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Eyewitness News WTVO/WQRF

Pelosi Says She Endorsed Kennedy Because She Was Upset By ‘Assault’ On Kennedy Family Legacy
Ocasio-Cortez hits House Democratic campaign arm after Pelosi endorses Kennedy

Make America Constitutional Again Religious Freedom on the Ballot
Secular Democrats of America
Nontheists Applaud The Announcement of a Congressional Freethought Caucus


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