The Fight For Governor Dewine’s Soul

Episode 006: The Fight for Governor Dewine’s Soul, Cancel Culture Sham, Whitewashing US History, Ranked Choice Voting Comes to Ohio

In this episode Doug talks about the soul of Governor Mike Dewine and why he wants to see us all dead. Doug looks at the fake outrage called cancel culture and like Big Foot, he can’t find it where people say it is. Finally, he brings up a recent John Oliver show about the Whitewashing of US History. All of this and a mention a new group in Ohio trying to bring us Ranked Choice Voting. It will be a hoot. Please join us.

00:35 The Fight for Governor Dewine’s Soul
10:00 Cancel Culture Sham
19:31 Whitewashing US History
27:02 Ranked Choice Voting Comes to Ohio

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