Discrimination is NOT Religious Freedom with Alison Gill

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Alison Gill

Joining us today is Alison Gill.

She is Vice President, Legal and Policy with American Atheists

She manages the group’s federal and state advocacy for religious equality and litigation activities to protect the separation of religion and government. Alison is a nationally recognized expert on civil rights law and state advocacy.

Prior to her work with American Atheists, Alison worked as a consultant to nonprofits focusing on advocacy strategy and systemic change and as Senior Legislative Counsel at the Human Rights Campaign, where she managed state-level advocacy on issues such as conversion therapy, bullying prevention, education discrimination, health and wellness, youth homelessness, and data collection.

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Doug Berger 0:05
In this episode, we talk to Alison Gill, Vice President, legal and policy with American Atheists about Christian nationalists using the First Amendment to discriminate, and how the Do No Harm act could help restore real religious freedom. I’m Doug Berger, and this is Secular Left.

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