Bigotry And A Bitter Comedian Target Trans People

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HB 454

Republican lawmakers in Ohio unveil bill prohibiting transgender kids from beginning transition
Ohio HB 454 Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act (2021)
For Transgender Youth, Stigma Is Just One Barrier to Health Care
Grendell Claims Amish No Longer Fighting COVID, Have ‘Culled the Herd’
The family court judge who threatened a mother with contempt for getting her child a COVID-19 test
Texas agency: Gender-affirming surgery on children is child abuse
When Art Fought the Law and the Art Won
SPL: Family Research Council

National Prayer Breakfast

Who Secretly Bankrolls The National Prayer Breakfast?
2021 National Prayer Breakfast: A Kinder Gentler Christian Capitalism
Secular groups praise Biden’s agenda but express concerns about religious rhetoric

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Doug Berger 0:03
In this episode, we look at another attempt by religious extremists in the Ohio legislature to kill more trans teens comedian Dave Chappelle needing to protect his manhood lashes out at LGBTQ people for not getting his jokes. And we find out who bankrolled this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, and why the government shouldn’t be involved with religious extremists. I’m Doug Berger, and this is Secular Left.

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