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Check Out Our New Church & State FAQ

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Book cover showing words Church and State FAQI made some updates to Secular Left that you might be interested in. A big change is moving the blogroll links previously seen on every page, to a new “Church & State FAQ” page. Also on the page is some basic information about the separation of church and state with links to websites and groups that support the issue for more information. After that information are the blogroll links – blogs and other websites that may or may not deal specifically with church state issues but may be of interest to the reader.
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Secular Left’s Interview On Progress Planet

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image of Progress Planet logoI gave an e-mail interview to the website Progress Planet that was posted last night. Progress Planet takes a more liberal stance on religious issues and is a site Secular Left could work with on church and state issues. Check out the interview and their website.
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New packaging, same message

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I am in the process of converting Secular Left (sorry for the pun) to WordPress blogging platform.

The main reason is that MovableType was just too top heavy on my server and wasn’t as easy to use as I wanted it to be. I am also thinking of downsizing the web hosting I pay for and wanted something that could run on a very vanilla hosting system and most can run php scripts without too much trouble.

The message on this blog will not change even if the packaging does.

Over the next days and weeks this format will be updated to add the flavor in style and colors I’m looking for.

Any questions or feed back just click on the contact link above.

Pardon Our Dust

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I am in the process of changing hosts for this blog. Since I have modified my Movable Type install, it will take some time to get everything back in order.

Some items may not work as intended or might not work at all. Sorry for the trouble

System issue is resolved

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Good news. The blog notification issue has been resolved. Subscribers should not get more than one notice per entry.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for subscribing to Secular Left

Some site updates to enjoy

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A couple of weeks ago Six Apart released Movable Type v3.31. Shortly after that I updated Secular Left to the new version. Once everything was working I wanted to find out how to use some of the new stuff included in the new version.

The newest thing is the addition of native support for Tags. Tags are one or two words that describe an entry or theme of an entry.

In the previous version, tag support was achived through the use of a plugin called mt-tagslite and another called Compare that allowed me to use my entry keywords as tags with links to Technorati.

The same author who created mt-tagslite also contributed the Tag feature in Movable Type v3.31. Except for a minor technical issue in the beginning I converted the keywords I used to actual tags.

I thought about presenting the tags in a tag cloud but in the end I decided to use the tip on the Learning Movable Type website (described in the post How to Make a Subject Index Using Tags) to create an index of tags with the number of entries each tag has, linked to a search for those entries that takes you another new bit – a Tag search result page.

My Tag index page is still a work in progress. I noticed I needed to merge some tags due to inconsistant capitalization and usage. It can be accessed using the Tag link in the Navbar at the top of the page.

I also added a bunch more Feed subscription options to the right side bar including MultiRSS, R-Mail, and the ability to create a Yahoo Alert for the blog or particular tag. The other new Feed item is the ability to get the feed in a PDF file using Rss2Pdf.

Speaking of feeds: Also using a tip from Learning Movable Type, I tweaked my feeds to show only an excerpt and adding a theme subject to my Atom feed.

More tweaking is in the future and I haven’t even touched my other Blog Doug’s Views.