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December 18, 2010
November 3, 2010
July 12, 2009

Here is a clip of a 1939 Porky Pig cartoon about the Pledge of Allegiance. The interesting bit is that the phrase “under God” is no where to be found since it wasn’t added by an act of Congress in 1954. Our country didn’t implode when the phrase wasn’t in the pledge and it won’t when it is taken out.

December 30, 2008

It would seem that the US Constitution doesn’t allow a religious test to be elected in this country. In fact that prohibition is written in clear language in Article Six. It is why the group, the Secular Coalition for America is taking the time to release a video of the attempts at a religious test during the recently concluded 2008 election campaign and calling for the all secularists to stand up and call for an end to it.

September 20, 2007

In checking out the stats for this website I have noticed many people come here after doing a search for web pages about Rev. Rod Parsley, who is the pastor of the mega World Harvest Church and host of the show Breakthrough. Since he helped Ken Blackwell lose the Ohio governorship in 2006, Parsley has been low key. But here is your bone Parsley searchers.

August 11, 2007