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August 10, 2007

I wonder how someone like Rep. Bill Sali is competent to serve in Congress when he lacks a basic knowledge of the Constitution and US history. It would be like letting a stranger off the street practice medicine just because he owns a stethoscope.

July 12, 2007
December 4, 2006

Dennis Prager is a turd. Saying something without even doing some basic fact checking just to “fire up” the homeys shows he has shit for brains. And as he wanted, he shines a spot light on himself, and consequently turns the light on religious and political conservatives who are hypocrites when it comes to their support for religious liberty. His comments also cause an issue where no issue existed – much like Bill O’Reilly’s crusade for Christmas.

October 8, 2006

The Secular Coalition for America (SCA) released their scorecards on the 109th Congress on September 7th. It is interesting to note that 7 members of the House got a 100% rating while 18 Senators got a 100% from the SCA. It pretty much confirms my observation that the Senate are a bit more rational in their duties than the House. The other interesting point is that members of Congress who support the SCA positions on many of the issues cross party lines – unlike our religious right friends.

October 1, 2006
September 26, 2006

Back in March, I posted about an effort, supported by the American Legion, to pass a law that would stifle religious liberty by prohibiting the winner of a consitiutional violation case from collecting legal fees from the loser – as is done in most civil cases in the US. H.R. 2679 — the “Public Expression of Religion Act” — would amend a portion of the current U.S. Code and eliminate attorney fees in legal cases where government violated the constitutional separation of church and state. A vote is expected in the US House on Tuesday 9/26.