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Non-Belief Gets Left Out Of President Obama’s Speech On Religious Freedom

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official image of President Obama visiting Baltimore mosque 2/3/2016
President Obama visiting Baltimore mosque 2/3/2016

On Wednesday (2/3/2016), President Obama visited a mosque for the first time while in office. I applaud his visit and his remarks against bigotry toward Muslims, but when he talked about religious freedom, people who don’t subscribe to any religion seemed not to be included.
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Christian Zionists think they know Islam better than Muslims

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This can’t be good. A Christian Zionist group called Proclaiming Justice to the Nations is paying the legal fees of one the plaintiffs in a lawsuit trying to prevent an expansion of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro Tennessee. While there is nothing wrong with suing a local government over zoning issues the Christian group is trying to argue that Islam is not a religion. Christians seem to have a problem when the first amendment gets in the way.

Hiring legal representation is not PJTN’s only connection to the lawsuit. The group has been active in Murfreesboro, holding events at the homes of mosque opponents and selling copies of its movies. As noted by the Murfreesboro Post, at least two of the plaintiffs’ witnesses — witnesses who testified that teaching from the Koran is “breaking the law” and that approving the mosque would lead to future “dangers” — have attended these events and given money to PJTN.

The group, which is based in Tennessee, is run by Laurie Cardoza-Moore. Cardoza-Moore believes, among other things, that nearly all Muslims — including those in middle Tennessee — follow a strict interpretation of the Koran: beating their wives, marrying children and killing dishonorable family members.

“Do I believe that Muslims subscribe to those things? If they are good Muslims, they will adhere to the Koran’s teachings. Do I believe it’s happening here? Yes,” she told TPMmuckraker.

Christian Zionist Group Is Helping Fund Lawsuit Against A Tenn. Mosque

Christian Zionists are Christians who support Israel and Judaism in order to fulfil bible prophecy. It seems that Jews gathered in Israel is one requirement for the second coming of Christ so Christian Zionists do all they can to keep Jews in Israel fight Islam.

This particular group – PJTN – uses the silly logic that a mosque equals terrorism and that the religion with the largest number of buildings wins. PJTN also seems to think they know Islam better than people who are Muslim.

Secular Left shouldn’t ignore respect

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Having a blog can be very interesting sometimes, specially when a post is linked to worldwide and you get tons of visits. When a post of mine sees a lot of hits I follow the referral and see what it was that sparked the interest. Most times it doesn’t bother me because it is a positive link – someone liked what I wrote. This time it was negative because another person made claims about some people called “secular far left” and linked to a category on my blog implying I spoke for these people. I needed to respond.

The public forum post was on The Official Graham Hancock Website. A visitor had posted a picture of Hillary Clinton wearing a Hijab when she visited a Mosque in Cairo last week with President Obama. They thought it was offensive in the usual ugly American way and another person agreed because:

it bothers me when the secular far left has, on one hand utter disdain, disregard and contempt for religion, customs related to faith based belief systems and the problems they cause on one hand, and on the other, attack a guy like SunSword for basically stating this in a round about way…

from a post titled “grief”

and by offering my site as an example:

Sure. Out of their own mouths:


…Religion indoctrinates children, national day of prayer not needed, etc. The list goes on.

The problem is the author of the claim is wrong. I don’t find Clinton wearing the Hijab in the Mosque offensive. As President Obama tried to stress in his speeches concerning the relationship between the west and Islam, there should be mutual respect.

A Mosque is a church for Islam and Clinton wore the Hijab out respect. It’s just as if a visitor to my house shouldn’t preach to me if they know I am an atheist. Or a visitor would not expect for me to listen to their music or watch their TV shows.

Religion is a world problem in my view and I stand by all my posts in this blog, however that doesn’t absolve me of being respectful when a situation calls for it.

Being a visitor is one of those situations. I don’t need to ignore my beliefs and principles but just put them on the back burner for the short time of the visit.