Silly Zell tricks are for kids

Eccentric Republican wannabe Zell Miller, formerly a US Senator from Georgia, opened his mouth and showed he is a brick short of a ton.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Political Insider blog, ol’ Zell gave his reason why there is a military manpower shortage, a Social Security crisis, and a flow of illegal immigrants into the United States.

“How could this great land of plenty produce too few people in the last 30 years? Here is the brutal truth that no one dares to mention: We’re too few because too many of our babies have been killed,” Miller said.

“Over 45 million since Roe v. Wade in 1973. If those 45 million children had lived, today they would be defending our country, they would be filling our jobs, they would be paying into Social Security,” the former Georgia governor said. “Still, we watch as 3,700 babies are killed every single day in America. It is unbelievable that a nation under God would allow this.”

Says Zell: Military shortages, Social Security crisis, and illegal immigration all linked to abortion

Yes, boys and girls, Zell says that if mommies hadn’t been selfish and killed their babies then we wouldn’t have any of those problems today. Well at least he didn’t use the standard “its President Clinton’s fault” we hear from the right so much.

So where did Miller make his comments? At a fund-raiser on 3/6 for an Atlanta area anti-abortion counseling center. Now it makes sense – it is still a goofy comment but now we know why he made it.


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