McCain’s Religious Right Gets a Free Pass

Saw an article on the blog Crooks and Liars, by Steve Benen, that talks about John McCain’s cozy relationship with a pastor that says crazy things. The press seems not to care about Pastor Rod Parsley because you will never hear the following in the major media:

At a certain, a couple of months ago, news outlets decided that Barack Obama’s association with Jeremiah Wright was the single most important facet of this year’s presidential campaign, at least so far. How could a presidential hopeful have a relationship with an intemperate pastor? Who’s said nutty things? What does it say about Obama’s judgment that it took him a while to denounce Wright personally?

And then there’s John McCain, who is also associated with a motley crew of radical religious zealots, and who has largely been given a pass by the media. We’ve talked about McCain cozying up to Jerry Falwell (even after Falwell blamed 9/11 on Americans), and we’ve talked about McCain befriending John Hagee (even after Hagee called the Catholic Church a “great whore” and a “false cult system”), but Rod Parsley probably hasn’t generated the kind of attention he should.

A closer look at McCain’s ‘spiritual guide’

The post also included this video clip produced by by Brave New Films and Mother Jones.


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