Rod Parsley Election Spectacular

The People for the American Way reports that one our favorite TV preachers, Columbus’ own, Rev. Rod Parsley turned a recent edition of his program “Breakthrough” over to two right wing zelots.

If you thought that Rod Parsley was going to drop out of politics after being humiliated by John McCain, think again. Earlier this week, Parsley aired a special “election edition” of his program “Breakthrough” with special guests Janet Parshall and Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America.

For her part, Wright urged Parsley’s viewers to elect candidates who will “follow the Biblical principles of how a nation should be governed.” And, of course, the primary principle was abortion, which Wright compared to the Holocaust, as well as the future of the Supreme Court.

Parsley concluded the program by telling his viewers that it is their votes that will determine if this country will continue to allow the “unconscionable murder of unborn babies, whether it will “stand up for marriage as God intended and his Word declares,” and whether it will continue to drift toward “silencing the voice of every single Christian.”

The Rod Parsley Election Spectacular

Their report includes video of the program.


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