The HubBub Over the Tim Tebow Fallacy

I happened to see both Tim Tebow/Focus on the Family (FOF) ads during the Super Bowl last night and just didn’t see the what the fuss was all about.

Some people said the ads would be an obvious nod against abortion but neither ad was obvious. They were about as generic and bland as those Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ads we’ve all seen before.

It could be the ads were watered down after the crap hit the fan about it and FOF withheld news of the change to get their max PR out of the issue as the right wing likes to do.

In the end the pro-choice crowd looks like a bunch of harpies as much as the right wing did when they complained about the Move-On Iraq War ad some time back. That’s why I always hold my outrage until I can actually see the item I am suppose to be outraged about. Getting bent out of shape over something that turns out to be nothing is a waste of time and makes one look stupid.

I did get a good chuckle over the fact that FOF would now have to pay millions of dollars for the two ads and they are still hurting for money as donations are down overall for their group.

I figure it was FOF’s plan all along. If CBS refused the ad then that was a win for them. If the liberal side got up in arms about the ad, the free PR was a win, and if CBS aired the ads they would reach approximately 98 million eyes – another win.

Meanwhile Richard Dawkins has a good post in the Washington Post “On Faith” section titled “The Great Tim Tebow Fallacy” that goes over the old and tired “if so and so’s mom had the abortion (fill in famous name) wouldn’t have been born…” argument.

The Great Tim Tebow Fallacy


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