Ohio State Senators Returning Teddy Bears Used In Anti-Abortion Stunt

image of a Teddy Bear

Last week I posted about the publicity stunt anti-abortion group Faith2Action pulled at the state house. Surrounded by children some state senators were given Teddy Bears that made a heartbeat sound to try and convince them to pass HB 125. The ‘heartbeat’ bill would prohibit any abortion if a fetal heartbeat is detected. Now it seems senators are giving back the toys because they cost more than $25 and would have to be reported on financial-disclosure forms.

Senators legally could keep the bears, but lawmakers must report any gifts worth more than $25 on their financial-disclosure forms. Some lawmakers do not like to accept gifts that must be reported, and some do not want the hassle of keeping track of them for a report that is due in spring 2013.

Although there has been some question about the cost of a bear, Statehouse sources think it ranges from $30 to $35.

Most senators return anti-abortion teddy bears

But further on in the article was something that gave me a chuckle:

Some in the Statehouse also took notice that the teddy bears, bought from Build-A-Bear, were made in China, a country with a one-child policy and millions of abortions each year.

Yes using a product from a country with millions of abortions to promote your anti-abortion law…. can you say tone deaf and blind.

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