The Family Research Council & Paul Ryan: Christian Extremists

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I’ve written before about the Values Voters Summit, which is sponsored by the hate group Family Research Council (FRC). I really don’t want to waste energy on their hate but I feel an informed voter is a defender of democracy and hate groups like FRC shouldn’t be allowed to fly under the radar. FRC isn’t just a group with different ideas, their ideas are the polar opposite of this country’s values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I don’t like to write these strong words but the Family Research Council’s goals are no different than the goals of the Taliban in Afghanistan. People need to know the truth and need to know about the people who consort with the kind of sedition the FRC calls for in their words and deeds. Voters need to know that people like Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan believes that one’s Christian religious beliefs should trump the US Constitution.

image of Paul Ryan speaking at the 2012 Values Voter Summit
Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan speaking at the 2012 Values Voter Summit

The Wisconsin congressman told the Values Voters Summit, an annual gathering of religious and conservative activists, that Obama had led a “reckless expansion of federal power” and waged economic class warfare.

Declaring himself “a values voter, too,” Ryan mocked Democrats for their convention fight over the mention of God in the platform and questioned claims by Obama that “we’re all in this together.”

“How hollow it sounds coming from a politician who has never once lifted a hand to defend the most helpless and innocent of all human beings, the child waiting to be born,” Ryan said.

“Giving up any further pretense of moderation on this issue, and in complete disregard of millions of pro-life Democrats, President Obama has chosen to pander to the most extreme elements of his party,” he said.

Republican Ryan says Obama panders to extremists on abortion


In the President’s telling, government is a big, benevolent presence – gently guiding our steps at every turn. In reality, when government enters the picture, private institutions are so often brushed aside with suspicion or even contempt. This is what happened to the Catholic Church and Catholic Charities this past January, when the new mandates of Obamacare started coming. Never mind your own conscience, they were basically told, from now on you’re going to do things the government’s way. Ladies and gentlemen, you would be hard pressed to find another group in America that does more to serve the health of women and their babies than the Catholic Church and Catholic Charities. And now, suddenly, we have Obamacare bureaucrats presuming to dictate how they will do it. As Governor Romney has said, this mandate is not a threat and insult to one religious group – it is a threat and insult to every religious group. He and I are honored to stand with you – people of faith and concerned citizens – in defense of religious liberty.

Ryan to deliver harsh foreign policy speech in Washington

Yes, the man running for the 2nd highest office of the land is saying that religion should trump the law and ones own personal liberties if those choices go against other people’s religious beliefs (and yes he means only Christian beliefs).

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney may not have appeared in person this year but he sent a video greeting card. In 2011 he spoke at the event so he also supports the event and FRC.

Then there is the promotion of a fake former terrorist, by the FRC, used as “proof” of an Islamic “horde” ready to rape our women and eat our children.

If you’re asking yourself why Saleem isn’t in jail as opposed to speaking at a conference with the likes of Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann, Jerry Boykin, and Tony Perkins, it’s because Saleem is widely considered to be a fraud. But this begs a question.

Does FRC believe Saleem? Do they think he came to America as a Muslim Brotherhood member bent on destroying our nation? They have scheduled him to speak alongside Jerry Boykin in a breakout session on “the strategic nature of Israel, and its role in the Middle East, America, and in the future of Western Civilization.” That suggests they do.

FRC is either knowingly presenting a fraud or someone who plotted to destroy the nation. If it’s the latter, they must also believe that Saleem is being pursued by foreign agents who are threatening his life. Now I’m not an event planner, but I would lean against booking anyone like that at a high-profile conference with governors and members of Congress.

Paul Ryan Featured Alongside ‘Former Terrorist’

Do we really want elected leaders who attend or support a hate group? It is no differnt than attending a KKK conference.

Do we want elected officials who think nothing of subverting the law of the land for their religious whims and conveniences?

How is that NOT just like what the Taliban and al-Qaeda want to do?

And yes I am saying that the Christian extremists who attend and support the Family Research Council are just like the Muslim extremists who murdered our Ambassador to Libya and who rioted over a stupid movie.

An elected leader who deserves election is one who backs, unequivocally, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Ryan and the GOP don’t.

image of the Values Voter Summit logo with a catch


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