Jackson Ohio School Board Wants A Lawsuit Over Unconstitutional Jesus Portrait

screencap of woman who was booed at school board meetingWoman who spoke out against the Jesus Portrait was booed by crowd

Tuesday evening almost 300 people witnessed the Jackson Ohio school board agree to be sued over an unconstitutional portrait of Jesus hanging in a lobby of the middle school. The story had more typical Christian privilege talking points and actions including booing a person who publicly voiced opposition to the portrait. Stay classy Jackson.

WBNS 10TV in Columbus had the story during their 11 PM newscast. The school board meeting was where the Jesus portrait issue was discussed. They had received a letter from the Freedom from Religion Foundation informing them that the portrait, that has hung in the middle school for 65 years, had to be removed or the school district could be sued. This story continued to highlight the typical Christian privilege talking points and actions we see in these church and state battles.

It was pointed out a couple of times that nearly 300 people showed up for the meeting. If one complaint is meaningless then of course 300 people showing up must mean something. Again civil rights shouldn’t be put up to a vote because what happens when you are on the wrong side of such a vote?

“Faith is a big part of the community”

Yes the parent interviewed is right, faith is a big part of the community where a majority subscribe to the same belief system. That doesn’t mean one needs to cover the school building with symbols of the belief system. Not having symbols in the school buildings wouldn’t diminish their belief system.

screencap showing location of Jesus pictureWideshot showing location of Jesus Portrait (on right)

“Everyday in school I remember it being there it would be a motivation…”

The student, who is a high school senior this year, has a fantastic memory. I highly doubt he had any opinion on the picture before his father told him what it should be. A motivation should be to do well in school to advance in life. How you did in middle school isn’t any of the required tests to get into Heaven as far as I know.

“They want their rights, what about our rights…”

The gentleman at the meeting who shouted the above quote seems to forget that freedom of religion is for everyone. The 1st amendment protects us all. It isn’t suppose to be used to force your beliefs on other people’s children.

Of course the video showed one person voicing opposition to the portrait and she was booed by the people in the audience. That in a nutshell is why the 1st amendment is so important and why the portrait needs to come down.

screencap showing the Jackson school boardJackson Ohio school board deciding to get sued over unconstitutional Jesus portrait

Finally the superintendent and the school board, at the end of 40 minutes of public comments (we’re told), agreed to be sued by keeping the portrait up in the middle school.

Here is the video from Tuesday night:

Jackson Ohio School Board Wants A Lawsuit Over Unconstitutional Jesus Portrait

*Update* The ACLU and FFRF filed a lawsuit on February 7th 2013 in U.S. District Court.


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