Missing COVID Relief, A Church Bailout and Atheists for Liberty

In this episode Doug talks about the recent covid-19 relief bill passed in Congress and how for the 4th time Republicans got their own way. Then he talks about a federal bail out of churches using our tax dollars and finally he takes a look at a new conservative group by and for atheists.

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New $484B Relief Bill Lacks Funds for Food Aid, Rent Relief, US Postal Service, Election Protection

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Bulldozes Mitch McConnell For ‘Dumb,’ ‘Vicious’ State Bankruptcy Idea

Congress Authorizes Another Unconstitutional Giveaway for Religious Worship in Latest Coronavirus Stimulus

SBA Addresses Concerns of Faith-Based Organizations

Atheists for Liberty

Peter Boghossian meme

Michael Shermer Says Nazis are Left Wing

Gender Studies “Hoax” Shockingly Reveals Scammy Vanity Journals Will Publish Nonsense

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