My Body my choice, a biden sophie’s choice, and a qanon fan club

In this episode we look at people who think their freedom includes spreading a virus that can kill people. Next we talk about the huge obstacle for Joe Biden to becoming the Democratic nominee in November and finally we talk about a congressional candidate who makes the stay-at-home protestors look like the establishment. We also have an update on the taxpayer bail out of churches.

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My Body My Choice

Free Ohio Now holds rally in Perrysburg

Seven arrested for violating stay-at-home order on Saturday

NBC4 reporter targeted by angry protester outside Ohio Statehouse

Public health orders have been litigated many times. They’re constitutional

A Biden Sophie’s Choice

I Believe Tara Reade. And You Should, Too.

A QAnon Fan Club

Here are the QAnon supporters running for Congress in 2020

Church Bail Out Update

More than 12,000 Catholic churches in the U.S. applied for PPP loans – and 9,000 got them

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