No More F*cks To Give For Anti-Maskers And Anti-Vaxxers

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[0:05] [Host – Doug Berger] In this episode, I’m fed up with the idiotic science deniers who keep pushing mask and vaccination mandate bans. I hate wearing a mask too. But they’re failed logic and that is being kind will prolong the pandemic and harm people needlessly. Why do the people who do the right thing have to carry the petulant Children who kick and stomp their feet?

[0:28] Yeah, enough is enough. Mhm. This is secular left.

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[0:49] [Host – Doug Berger]  I am very, very, very angry at the moment with some of the people in this country,and it’s to the point where I start talking, I started thinking bad about stuff like that. I want to throat punch people in the mountain and just throw punch them for some of the stuff that they’re saying and doing, things are coming to a head school is about, well in some places, schools already started up here in Ohio schools close to starting up, and we have a bunch of whiny ass parents who don’t understand science. For one thing, they don’t understand product liability and another instance.

[1:46] And they are going to the school boards and demanding that there be no mask mandates now. What does that mean? Well, we still have a pandemic going on. We have the delta variant that is right now as I record this. Ohio. Well at least where I’m at in Ohio, it’s all red like deep red, like serious community transmission of COVID that COVID-19 cases, and so many businesses stores our re instituting mask mandates.

[2:32] Some schools such as Toledo public schools and some other schools around the area have now decided to go back to masks for at least for kindergarteners through. I believe it’s third grade. However, age 12, 12, age 12 is when you can start getting the vaccine. Um, they are encouraging people to get the vaccine. Other businesses have started to require their employees to be vaccinated, which is a good move. But you have these, these, this group and I have to believe it’s a small group. But man, they just get, they just take all the oxygen out of out of everything, with their bellowing and blurting about mask mandates and and not understanding science and not understanding logic, and making these arguments that stuff that they learned off the off of Youtube as if that’s evidence.

[3:37] And I’m pissed off pissed off that, that these people are getting air time to air their ridiculousness and that we have a political system, a political party that is pandering to this, this uh whack a loons, these whack a loons down in columbus. It’s just it’s infuriating, infuriating.

[4:05] You know, it’s the same political party that has never, has never avoided a government regulation to take away a woman’s right to for reproductive choice. You know, this party has stuck in dozens and dozens of regulations into budgets, to take away a woman’s right to have an abortion in Ohio and they stick it in the budget so that people can’t, I have a petition to put it on a ballot to vote on it because you can’t you can’t challenge a budget here in Ohio for some odd reason. Yeah. And these same people that don’t mind government regulations of somebody’s sex life.

[5:01] You try to get them to comply with public health orders. And it’s like they start they start comparing themselves to jews during the holocaust. That’s insulting. It’s insulting to people. It’s insulting to jewish people for one thing and I’m tired of it. I’m just tired of it here in my in my area. Findlay city schools. It’s trump city down there won by a wide margin read no democrat ever successfully gets in office in in Finland or hancock county.

[5:38] So they had a school board meeting. So they had a school board meeting to talk about a mask mandate. And they had they allowed uh input from uh people that from from the public. And so this one woman who is a former council person put these videos up. And I was just shocked. I was just shocked at at the illogic and the idiocy the undermining of medical people that these people attempt. You know they get they get this arrogant idea that they’re not doctors. So and neither are the school board members. So that means that they know just as much as the school board member, which is not the case. The school board members aren’t doing this to get back at people or to uh forward some kind of left wing agenda to to make you a communist.

[6:44] You know the school board members, they get advice from the experts, the actual people who make money who went to school to learn this information. Biology, immunology. Medical doctors give, they consult these people, public health authorities. They look at the data, they see what’s going on. They get advice from them before they make a decision. But these parents that go to these meetings believe that they know more than medical science that they know more than the world. Uh medical science in the world. You know this is still a pandemic over four million people have died in the world. Over 600,000 in the us alone.

[7:41] And so far the medical science has been spot on. You know, somebody who watched a video to drink bleach To treat COVID 19. They didn’t win. The medical science is winning. But then you have politicians that want that are so into getting controlling people and staying in power that they undermine medical science in order to score political points. It’s shameful. It’s shameful. And like I said, I’m just sick of it. I’m just tired of it. Now. I wanted to play a couple of clips. This first clip there rather short. It’s just the audio is from this video that this former politician and finally took. And the 1st 1 is a man, apparent male parent. I’m assuming he’s a doctor. I think he’s a doctor. The video, the audio is kind of iffy at the beginning and he talks about masks and you listen to him and you think he knows what he’s talking about? I mean, obviously he’s a doctor. He wears a mask. He knows how they work. All right.

[8:57] And so just listen to this clip and and I’ll comment on it when we come back.

It’s the craziness of starting again. Right. Buildings in key. Had a great presentation. The big question is master no mask. Right. Before we do that. I do have a silly question. So I will ask matt cooper, do you like your steak, medium or medium rare? Is that silly? It is silly. Right. Right.

[9:29] Everybody likes their steak. Medium or medium rare. Right. Right. Do we like scrambled eggs or dippy eggs? A lot of people like them both. Right? I like cookie dough from jolly dipper or Archie’s. Those flurries are the best. I saw a shake of the head. Everybody likes cookie dough. Right. Do we all know those are recommendations from the CDC that we’re not supposed to do 65% of the American population actually order their steak medium rare.

[10:01] Isn’t that crazy? So I’m saying let us parents, they take, I’m not saying for masks or against mask, just let us parents choose. Don’t mandate the masking, it’s a health issue To do what the CDC is saying to Mask two year olds. I mean we have kindergarteners that I’ve heard have come home and they have cheetos stuck in their masks. How is that healthy? Mm. So all I’m saying is if we want to look at health of kids, just let the parents decide if we want proper masking. I work in the operating room for over 15 years when you’re in the operating room, you don’t touch your mask when you come out, you rip it off your head and rip the strings and throw it straight in the trash. The minute you touch your mask, you’re not sterile anymore, you have to remove yourself from the operator. That’s how mass work The average person touches their face 23 times an hour.

[11:06] That’s the person. Now think that to a kid and then we can probably double it again For kids that wear masks. So now they’re touching their face. I’m assuming that you shouldn’t assume right 60 times they’re touching their mask every hour. That’s not a mask is not working. I’ve watched all of you online and your meetings last year and all of us. When we go to the grocery store, we touch our mask, we touched food, we touch the door handles, you touch your computer. That’s how the virus spreads. Right? Mhm mask don’t work in that way. And so that’s why if we have to do what we have to have a proper masking. Right? So that’s why I’m saying just let us parents do that. Let us decide you guys are great educators and that’s why we’re in this community and we have so many more. If you hear me I will preach against all those other county schools that we have the best academic opportunities. And I truly believe the last thing I’ll leave with this, there was a study and it was quoted in our own career From John Hopkins. Since today there’s been 335 desk of 0 to 18 year olds. Kids have a better chance of dying at your lunch room table choking than of this virus.

[12:28] Please let us choose the mask or not. All right. [end audio clip]

[Host – Doug Berger]  Well first of all he tries to compare a CDC Recommendation and mask wearing with a CDC Recommendation that you shouldn’t eat raw meat as if those are exactly the same. Or should be treated the same. That if you make a personal choice to eat raw meat that should be your choice.

[12:58] And I would agree with that if you want to eat raw meat if you want to eat tainted food if you can find it that go to it have at it it’s great good for you. But mask mandates and power and public health orders are nothing like personal preference for for the uh doneness of your meat.

[13:27] Or eating the wrong foods and getting fat. That has nothing to do with public health orders. And most people, most rational people know why it’s different. It’s different because if you make that choice about the red meat or you decide that you’re going to smoke unfiltered cigarettes or whatever whatever the health recommendations that come from the CDC, if you decide to do that and go against the C. D. C. That’s on you. The effects stay with you. The heart disease stays with you. The cholesterol stays with you. The blood clot stay with you. You are only the one being affected by your choice.

[14:19] Now if you decide to ignore a C. D. C. Recommendation about a public health order such as not wearing a mask, not getting vaccinated. That is not only on you but your choice can affect other people.

[14:39] They had the study out just recently. The CDC Said that the viral load in the nasal passages of an infected person who was fully vaccinated. That means and and I hate to say I explain this to people. But yes fully vaccinated people can be infected By the COVID-19. Now what that means is you have the virus in your nasal passages and it does enter your body. You are infected by it. But the symptoms are less you aren’t in. Most cases have to you don’t have to go to the hospital. You aren’t put on a ventilator and there’s there’s less of a chance of you dying. But you don’t but let’s say you’re fully vaccinated and you refuse to wear a mask. You still get the viral load in your nasal passages. You are still spewing those viral loads out as you talk as you sing as you hug people. And then there’s going to be people that are not vaccinated maybe because their immune uh their immune system is compromised or they’re too young and they’re going you’re going to pass that virus onto them. They are going to get sick possibly end up in the ICU and possibly dead.

[16:08] So your choice that you are so adamant that it’s your choice and your freedom is not just your choice. That is why this this this father was wrong. That is why people who are against the mass mandates are wrong. That’s why the politicians are wrong because the science data does not back up that if you choose not to wear a mask it only affects you know, you you can possibly infect other people, and it’s been that way since the first day that this pandemic started.

[16:45] The second thing that this this person at the school board meeting was wrong about was when he was talking about that You touch your face 26 times and kids touch their face and those. So the mask isn’t sterile and everything. Well, only people who are against mask mandates, I think that the argument is that you have to wear a mask because that 100% prevents you from getting infected. That is not the case. Nobody says that. Nobody that supports mask mandates say that and not to mention that the Primary means of transmission for COVID-19 is through droplets expelled while you’re breathing and through your nose, and not so much from the surface. So even just some minimal cleaning and hand washing is effective against the virus. All a mask does, especially the paper mask that you see. The common paper mask that you see, or cloth masks is it creates a barrier between you and the person you’re in. If you’re in a group of people.

[17:55] So it significantly reduces the amount of droplets. That’s how the disease is transmitted. That’s how the virus is transmitted by droplets. It significantly reduces the amount of droplets that you are exposed to. So if so, if you’re in public in a group, let’s say at a restaurant and everybody is masked up your risk of exposure goes way down.

[18:25] If let’s say you’re fully vaccinated and you don’t wear a mask, but everybody else is masked, you still have a low chance of getting infection. Now, if everybody decides not to wear a mask and not everybody is vaccinated as we already know, then you have a chance of infecting other people, and again, it’s not your choice. And what bothers me is this guy that’s talking to the school board meeting claims to be a doctor, you know, and and he just does not understand, or he just refuses to understand how masks play a part in the overall, way of my mitigating the pandemic, because it also includes washing your hands frequently and social distancing.

[19:19] You know we we kept that that we flatten the curve. Remember that from last year. We flatten the curve because we had the lockdown people wearing mask washing hands, social distancing.

[19:33] And now you see these explosion in cases in states like texas and florida that that don’t have that don’t allow mask mandates anymore. That’s why you see these school boards and some of these school boards around Ohio bringing the mask back. Especially for especially for Children that can’t get the vaccine.

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[Host – Doug Berger]  So I wanted to play this other clip for you. Um this other clip, it’s another parent. I’m assuming he’s another parent again. The audio kind of gets slow is slow to get started. Basically what he says is he went to Lowe’s and bought a package of mass for his kids for for school and he happened to read the disclaimers or the disclosures on the packaging.

[20:52] And you could tell and I can just tell you right now we’re gonna listen to the clip. But I’ll comment afterwards. He doesn’t understand, he doesn’t understand liability law and so let’s take a listen to that clip.

Let’s talk about masks. I’m not a doctor Nor do I play one on TV for the record. I’m also not a lawyer, but I understand a little bit of common sense when it comes to liabilities wasted $13 on this pack of mask today at Lowe’s, it clearly states right on the back, we make no representation about and are not responsible for or liable for the performance of this product. Right above that. It says this mask does not remove all risk of contracting any disease or infection.

[21:52] So we’ve heard in the news, we can’t hold the drug manufacturers liable for their vaccine, which is this miracle drug. Mhm. So who do we hold liable when these masks are causing problems with our Children years down the road? Is it the school board that mandated it? Is it the teachers and the principals who enforced it? Is it our lovely elected officials in columbus or Washington? Mhm. Who’s gonna be held responsible for making this for making us put our kids in? I know this isn’t a question and answer session. But do you start to consider this for decisions that get made? Thank you. [end audio clip]

[Host – Doug Berger]  Okay, So I can tell you right now that any product that you use in your in your body that can affect your health, you’re going to see a you’re going to see disclosures exactly like that, that we are not responsible for anything that happens to you? If you use this product, that’s just standard liability language and they do that because people have sued manufacturers because they used the product wrong and got and got harmed by it for some reason. And so they sued the manufacturer because the manufacturer didn’t say that that was a possibility. And then they try to claim negligence.

[23:20] So now any packaging for anything that that involves that you could get sick from or could hurt you in some way if you used it wrong. They put that standard packaging on there. But to answer that guy’s questions, he’s like what if our kids get sick or something happens to kids from these masks? Who’s liable? Well, first of all, it’s not going to happen, especially unless you buy it off a back of a truck, like fred fred’s truck and you don’t know the source, it’s not going to happen. You know, they’re only as nothing has changed about the masks that have been around for years and years and years. They’re in packaging, they’ve been constructed in as a situation where they’re not, um, like.

[24:16] Hospital sterile, but they’re in general, you know, and if they and if they weren’t safe for people to use, they wouldn’t be on the market. You know, That’s another argument that these anti mask people use to undermine health officials as they try to claim that using masks can harm you, which is the total opposite. That’s not the case. No, nobody has offered any evidence that a mask can harm you. But I can think of one way, I’m sorry, I can take a one way. If you want it up into a ball and try to eat it, it could possibly get stuck in your wind pipe and you could choke to death. That’s one way it could harm you. But simply wearing a cloth mask, it’s not going to harm you unless you do unless you wear. And your activities are, you know, if you wear a cloth mask and go into, I just read an article today. Some people died in the manure pit.

[25:27] So yeah, you could get harmed wearing a mask if you went into a manure pit. But it wasn’t the mask that harm you. It was the fact that you went into a manure pit without any air. But that’s what these people do. You know, they have no clue. They don’t know how science works. They don’t know how the law works. They don’t know how logic works. And they undermine medical science. Of course they undermine medical science. Then they get sick and end up in the hospital and then they want the doctors to do everything they can to save their lives. Well, here’s a simple way of saving your life. Where a dam mask, get the vaccine, stay at home, there is your choice. But like I said, it’s just ticking me off and then kind of find out this week that the anti-vaxxers.

[26:15] Encourage their buddy Representative Scott Lipps here in Ohio to reconvene the health committee, and there’s still the high legislature technically is still on their uh Labor Day break. They’re on they’re on vacation until after Labor Day. But he got permission to bring his health committee that he chairs back, On August the 24 to uh hear testimony on House bill 248, which would prohibit anyone anywhere in the state of Ohio from maine mandating vaccines, masks and discriminating against people who refused to get vaccinated. You know, that’s like that’s like pouring gasoline on a campfire, it’s just going to go out of control. We’re going to end up like texas and florida where their hospitals are overwhelmed and and florida, they just asked for emergency ventilators out of the stock national stockpile.

[27:24] Because they ignore the science and they like to do that. They like to ignore the science. They like to talk about big about government mandates that businesses are far too regulated. And the thing is when we’re talking about public health, we need regulations. If we didn’t have public health regulations, it would be a crapshoot whether or not you got safe food most of the time, you know, nowadays it’s on occasion you might get food poisoning. But before there was the the FDA act that created the FDA It was more common for people to get food poisoning from restaurants and and stuff that they bought at the store because there was no regulation, because businesses do not self regulate unless it costs them money to do so.

[28:28] To Not Do So I Mean That’s The Only Time They Regulate Is If It Costs Them Money, If They Don’t Regulate, They Don’t Self Regulate To Be Benevolent.

[28:40] So you have people like representative lips and there’s probably a dozen more, I can’t think of their names off hand on this health committee. This is the same committee that made a mockery of Ohio by having some doctor who claimed to be claimed that the vaccine made her magnetized.

[29:02] And they and they’re trying to pass this bill.

[29:07] You know? And and people say well dug the governor doesn’t like it, you know? And he said that he doesn’t like those kind of things. So veto it, but he’s not buddy buddies with the legislature right now because of all the previous health, uh orders that he made, in fact, they passed a law that prohibits him from making any long term health health orders anymore. And if he does, the Legislature has a right to undo it with a simple vote.

[29:41] You know, that’s how much that’s how much public health is worth to the Republican Party in Ohio a simple vote. They don’t care. You know, they put in these regulations of trying to prevent women from getting abortions to protect the Children, and then when they have a chance to really protect Children, they don’t want to do it because they want to pander to their base, the illiterate science deniers to think that they know more because they saw a video on Youtube.

[30:16] And there was a facebook group where I uh that posted those videos and and I was chatting, I was commenting about that and that’s what some of these people did is they showed me this video of a doctor in indiana. Uh according to the video shredding the school board about a mask mandate. And they’re like see here’s proof here’s a doctor who doesn’t think that masks work. But the thing is if you look closer at the person at the doctor he was a family medicine doctor.

[30:52] He was nothing like Dr Fauci who actually has a degree in in viruses and and and stuff like that and pandemics. This is a family medicine doctor. This is somebody that you go to when your child has a whooping cough or a skin me or something like that. You know he’s a doctor. He went he went eight years of school um I found a paper that he had written about that he participated in about some kind of cardiology thing. He has no experience in biological issues like viruses. So him being against masks is his personal opinion because it does not match the world wide consensus, on using mass isn’t just the CDC It’s worldwide the world health organization and all the health authorities in Britain and France and Germany and Norway and Sweden and Russia and, everywhere they said mask this is what you need to do with mask.

[32:16] You know in France. Uh they have a rule and it just happened in italy to recently that you have to show proof of vaccination in order to go into a restaurant because they want to try. They are the ones that want to try to end this pandemic. And this circus thing that we’ve got going, making mass political, like we’re saving the Children is undermining efforts to end the pandemic. It’s making the pandemic longer.

[32:52] And it’s it’s putting more people in danger costing this country far more money in health costs then it should, You know, I bought a box of masks at the beginning of the pandemic. It had 50 masks in a box. I bought two boxes. We’ve gone through one box. I have some cloth masks now. But those masks are far more cheaper Then the $30-$40,000 that you’re going to spend in the icu or the being on a ventilator, because you’re to inconvenience to wear a mask, because you deny the science, and I don’t feel sorry for you if that happens to you because you’re an idiot and I’m sick of you. I’m sick of what you’re doing in this country and what you need to do is you need to get your head out of your ass, listen to the medical experts and the science and do what you’re told so we can end this pandemic. I don’t like wearing masks either. I want to be able to go to a restaurant and not have to worry about that. I’m going to get sick.

[34:10] I’m fully vaccinated, so I may not get very sick. I don’t know this is all new.

[34:20] But I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that I know more than Dr Fauci and I think it’s arrogant of anybody to think that they do no more and it’s got to stop, it’s just got to stop.

[34:36] And the people who are tired of it, Other people like me who are tired of it. We need to rise up and we need to stop this cold and we need to do it now and we need to do it today. Thank you.

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