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March 19, 2011 / Entanglement

Of course we all knew the Republicans who stormed to office this past November would continue their effort to cram their religious views down our throats. With close to 10% unemployment and the public demanding attention to creating jobs, Congressional Republicans instead want to stamp your uterus with the motto “In God We Trust”.

December 18, 2010 / Groups
February 8, 2010 / Groups
March 10, 2007 / Lies

Yes, boys and girls, Zell says that if mommies hadn’t been selfish and killed their babies then we wouldn’t have any problems today. Well at least he didn’t use the standard “its President Clinton’s fault” we hear from the right so much.

November 9, 2006 / Anti-science

By now you know that the Democratic party won control of the US House and possibly won control of the US Senate as result of the 2006 midterm elections. There were some bright spots for those of us who support separation of church and state.

February 5, 2006 / Media

If anyone wants to see what the US would look like if we don’t stop with the entanglement of religion and government need only look at what happened in Damascus, Syria on Saturday.

For the last week or so, Muslims around the world have been protesting the publishing of some cartoons depicting their prophet Muhammad. Some the images looked silly and some expressed a view of Muslims as terrorists by having Muhammad’s turban look like a bomb.

What does the violence in Syria over cartoons relate to the US. There have been times when the religious right in this country have gone past mere protest when their religious beliefs were offended.