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Trump related riots Unmasking the Illusion: Dissecting Trump’s Lead in 2024 Election Polls (5/30/2024) - The 2024 election is not that far off. Recent polls have Trump ahead of Biden. How can that be? There is a reason some can't quit Trump and it isn't anxiety over the economy no matter how often the political press says it is. We know what the elephant in the room looks like. He's…
Episode 80 Featured stories Trump Lifewise and Rep Josh Willams Religion In Schools, Abortion Rights At Risk, And A Taste Of The Trump Trial (5/12/2024) - Find out how a 10-year-old Ohio law ignited a massive and well-funded effort to inject the Holy Bible into public schools. And then we talk about an Ohio State Representative who wants to punish cities who support abortion access, contrary to the recent Abortion Rights Amendment passed by a majority of Ohioans.
Image showing the featured topics of the episode From Pulpit to Politics: The Real Danger of White Christian Nationalism (4/27/2024) - America is at a tipping point for losing our democracy in 2024 especially if Trump wins in November. Another group pushing us over the edge is white Christian Nationalists. Racism and religious bigotry is an existential threat to our way of life. Find out why in this episode.

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